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White Christmas review



If the holidays fill you with nostalgia for the sweeter, simpler days of yesteryear, White Christmas at the Broadway Palm will be just your cup of eggnog. The show is brimming with sequined costumes, tapping feet, and corny dialogue.

It’s also filled with the music of Irving Berlin, and no matter how sophisticated we may think we are, we still long for nothing but blue skies.

Most people have seen the movie version with Bing Crosby a time or two, so the plot holds no surprises. Old Army buddies pitch in to help their former general save his failing inn. It’s meant to be heart warming, and it succeeds.

The four leads in this production are strong performers. Troy Bruchwalski’s voice is almost too big for the part of Bob Wallace, if such a thing is possible. His counterpart Katherine Walker Hill smolders in “Love, You Didn’t Do Right by Me” in a gown and gloves I thought more reminiscent of Rita Hayworth than Rosemary Clooney. Sami Doherty and Nic Casaula are as cute and energetic as new puppies on Christmas morning.

The supporting cast adds to the fun. Kiersten Benzing and Morgan McGhee are a riot as mismatched “twins.” Pauline Cobrda belts with the best of them as the inn’s manager. Young Megan Salerno was perfect as her mini me. And local favorite Victor Legarreta, called upon to play the laconic handyman on the night I was in the audience, drew laughs with each shuffle across the stage accompanied by a Vermont-esque “Ayuh.”

If the stress of the season starts to get to you, take a break from reality and party like it’s 1954. The show runs through Christmas Day. Call 239.278.4422 for tickets.


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